MIGRANTS BENEFITS SCANDAL, NEW LAW! TO STOP ILLEGAL MIGRANTS, 1,300 MIGRANTS A DAY POUR IN, MIGRANTS FLOODING BACK TO BRITAIN, 7.5 MIGRANTS LIVE IN BRITAIN, SCANDAL OF 'OPEN DOOR' FOR FOREIGN STUDENTS, MIGRANTS DO TAKE BRITISH JOBS, MARRIED MIGRANTS BENEFITS SCANDAL, ALL MIGRANTS TO GET A BRITISH PENSION, GO TO BRITAIN FOR BENEFITS SAYS EU, EU WANTS MIGRANTS TO TAKE OUR JOBS, MIGRANTS MUST GET BENEFITS ORDERS EU, FOREIGN FAMILIES RAKE IN BENEFITS, MIGRANTS RUSH TO GET OUR JOBS, MIGRANTS MAKE MUGS OF US ALL, MIGRANTS BLAMED FOR SURGE IN CRIME, UK BORDERS THE DAMNING TRUTH, FAMILY TORN APART BY DRINK-DRIVE ILLEGAL MIGRANT, UK BORDER BOSS: BORDERS ARE JUST A PAIN IN THE A***, GPs TOLD: YOU MUST TREAT FOREIGNERS, 370,000 migrants on the dole, May: I can and I will crack down on immigrants, Illegals enter UK on  'passports for hire', God Save the Queen test for migrants, 500,000 let in UK without checks, Immigrants fuel record surge in UK population, Well stop migrants if euro collapses, Amnesty' for 120,000 migrants, Sun SAYS DRAW A RED LINE ON IMMIGRATION OR ELSE!, ILLEGALS' GUARDING OLYMPICS, MIGRANTS TO GET MORE BENEFITS, MIGRANTS FUEL UK BABY BOOM, MIGRANTS SET TO FLOOD IN, MIGRANT BEGGARS ON £36,000 A YEAR, MIGRANT NUMBERS AT CRISIS POINT, NEW FARCE OVER MIGRANT CROOKS, I'LL STOP MIGRANT BENEFITS, HOW ROMANIAN CRIMINALS TERRORISE OUR STREETS, 79% SAY WE MUST BAN EU MIGRANTS, MIGRANTS SHUN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE, MIGRANTS FACE NEW BAN ON BENEFITS, WE MUST STOP THE MIGRANT INVASION, NEW EU GUIDE TO CLAIM BRITISH BENEFITS, ASYLUM SEEKERS COST E1.5M A DAY, BATTLE TO KEEP OUT EU MIGRANTS, OUTRAGE AT NEW MIGRANT FLOOD, BRITS TO GET HOMES FIRST, MIGRANTS MUST GET BENEFITS SAY EU, 1-IN-5 MIGRANTS HEADS TO BRITAIN, MIGRANTS CHANGE BRITAIN FOREVER, NEW FEARS OVER ILLEGAL MIGRANTS, FOREIGNERS IN £70M NHS RIP-OFF, 98% DEMAND BAN NEW MIGRANTS, 75,000 SAY NO MORE EU MIGRANTS, YOU PAY TO TEACH MIGRANTS MANNERS, 150,000 SAY NO TO NEW EU MIGRANTS, CRACKDOWN ON EU MIGRANTS, BRITAIN IS FULL UP AND FED UP, EPIDEMIC OF HEALTH TOURISTS 'COSTS US BILLIONS', VITAL MIGRANT ID. CHECKS SCRAPPED, COALITION AT WAR OVER MIGRANTS, NOW UN. MEDDLERS LECTURE BRITAIN ON MIGRANTS, MIGRANTS WILL BE CHARGED BY NHS, MIGRANTS HANDED £1M A WEEK FOR CHILDREN BACK HOME, THE RIOTERS WE CAN'T KICK OUT, 4.000 FOREIGN MURDERERS: AND RAPISTS WE CAN'T THROW OUT, TRUE TOLL OF MASS MIGRATION ON UK LIFE, 500,000 MIGRANTS GET SOCIAL HOUSING, MIGRANTS TOLD: FIND WORK IN 6 MONTHS OR NO BENEFITS, QUEUE HERE TO WORK IN BRITAIN, £10K BILL TO TEACH ASYLUM SEEKER TO FLY, POPULATION OF BRITAIN TO SOAR BY 10M IN JUST 25 YEARS, A SPECTACULAR MISTAKE ON IMMIGRATION, MIGRATION: I DO SHARE YOUR CONCERNS, IMMIGRATION: THE BACKLASH, SLASH BENEFITS FOR EU MIGRANTS, BRITAIN'S BORDERS IN CHAOS -OFFICIAL, MIGRANT INFLUX FUELS NEW CRISIS IN SCHOOLS, MIGRANT WAR ON BRITISH STREETS, ROMA MIGRANT INVASION WILL START UK RIOTS, Cameron's migrant crackdown, Cable hits out at Tories over migrant 'panic', UN condemns Cameron over immigrant law, Racist' spot checks in May's hunt for illegal immigrants, Immigrants told: speak English or lose your benefits, Cable:Tories panickingon immigration, A&E patients told: prove you're not migrants, Benefits squeeze on EU immigrants, High-risk' immigrants will pay to enter UK, 4M MIGRANTS VOTE TO COME HERE, IMMIGRANT CRIME SOARS, FOREIGN NHS CHEATS PUSH ASIDE CANCER PATIENTS, New wave of immigrants begins, Speak English or lose benefits, Migrants are given free access to our GPs, MPs want immigrant ban to save British jobs, Rights Act lets foreign criminals stay in UK, Immigrants Fill one in five skilled British jobs, No bar on Bulgarian immigrants, Romanian migrants 'will help economy', Jobs for Britons, not immigrants, Britain says no to Syria's refugees, Migrants will have to pay at A&E, EXPOSED: THE TRUE COST OF OUR OPEN BORDERS, CHEEKY BEGGARS, Legal aid curb for migrants, True scale of European immigration, The foreign beggars that Britain can't stop, May goes to War over EU migrants, Clampdown on NHS care for migrants, Idle' Britons are allowing Romanians to take jobs, Police allow immigrant offenders to slip the net, Cameron vows to cut benefits for migrants, Benefit cut urged to curb new migrants, Minorities told: your culture is no defence, Cameron to deny aid for immigrants, Cameron faces voter fury over immigrants, EU migrants face tough new curbs on benefits, Cameron lines up Merkel to curb migrant benefits, Romanians in UK like 'Brits with French villas', Migrants set to lose benefits for children living abroad, 3,000 illegal migrants a month, 4 IN 5 NEW NURSES ON NHS WARDS ARE FOREIGN, Labour chiefs warn MPs: don't mention immigration, UK passports for migrants without any crime checks, NOW WE'RE IMPORTING BRICKIES ON £1.000 PER WEEK!, Police checks for migrants, I'm ready to lead Britain out of Europe if migrant reforms fail, WHAT ABOUT BRITISH WORKERS?, MIGRANTS: FOUR YEAR BENEFITS BAN, Coalition abandons target to reduce migration, EU 'must give way to UK on migrants', EU benefit tourists face being sent home, Migrants face crackdown on benefits, THE END FOR BENEFIT TOURISM, Calais goes to war over 'soft touch' UK benefits, Home Office in 'mess' over asylum, Merkel: I will block PM on immigrants, Scandal of vanishing foreign criminals, No 10 seeks emergency curbs on migration, Boris calls for quotas on EU migrants, YOU CAN'T IGNORE MIGRATION NOW, MIGRANT INVASION: ARMY ON ALERT, CALAIS 'IS BESIEGED' BY GANGS OF MIGRANTS, Reclaim our borders, PM warned, Border controls in chaos, OPEN BORDERS: A NEW FIASCO, UK special forces help save 30,000 refugees, MORE FOREIGN CONVICTS WIN RIGHT TO STAY, CALAIS IN CRISIS OVER UK-BOUND MIGRANTS, MIGRANTS HANDED £5BN TAX CREDITS, Cameron's immigration crackdown, New benefits crackdown on EU migrants, MIGRANT FAMILY ON £55K A YEAR BENEFITS, Population of Britain rises fastest in Europe, Politicians blamed for hostility to migrants, CAMERON TELLS UK MUSLIMS: BE MORE BRITISH, 208,000 PASSPORTS HANDED TO MIGRANTS IN ONE YEAR, EU's looming migrant tragedy, £30M IN BENEFITS IS SENT ABROAD, Migration blow to  PM as Britain votes, MIGRATION IS OUT OF CONTROL, ASYLUM SEEKERS IN 4 STAR HOTELS, EU 'will not budge' in negotiations with UK on immigtation, MELTING POT UK, DON'T ASK MIGRANTS HOW LONG THEY'RE STAYING, Pressure on Cameron to expel jobless EU migrants, Middle class blamed for migration, PM'S IMMIGRATION PLEDGE IN TATTERS, MIGRATION SOARS: GOOD SAYS CABLE, An immigration crisis on Britain's doorstep, Immigration minister quits over cleaner, English a second language at 1 in 9 schools, Cameron set for U-turn on Syrian refugees, HOUSING BENEFIT BAN ON JOBLESS MIGRANTS, SPEAK ENGLISH OR LOSE BENEFITS, Gift vouchers for fighting off asylum cases, Ban migrant welfare for two years - Duncan Smith, MILIBAND: STOP CHEAP FOREIGN WORKERS, Passport to UK for Europe's poorest, BENEFITS BRITAIN HERE WE COME!, KICK OUT ALL FOREIGNI BENEFIT CHEATS, £1.4bn benefits bill for new EU migrants coming to Britain, MIGRANTS FACE BENEFITS BAN, OPEN DOOR FOR NEW MIGRANTS, NEW MIGRANT FLOOD ON WAY, MIGRANTS PAY JUST £1 A WEEK IN TAX, MIGRANTS FUEL 1.000-A-DAY INCREASE IN POPULATION, MIGRANT SICK PAY BENEFIT SCANDAL, ILLEGAL MIGRANTS POUR INTO BRITAIN, MIGRANTS WILL PAY FOR NHS, MIGRANTS DO TAKE OUR JOBS, MIGRANT MADNESS, BENEFIT CUTS FOR MIGRANTS, MIGRANTS CLAMOUR TO REACH BRITAIN, MIGRANT  CAMP TO BE TORN DOWN, MIGRANTS STORM FERRY TO BRITAIN, SUSPECT IS KILLER MIGRANT, WE'LL QUIT EU OVER MIGRANTS, BRITAIN IS A MIGRANT MAGNET, NO BENEFITS FOR MIGRANTS, AT LAST!  MIGRANT BENEFITS BAN, HIDDEN" MIGRANT MILLIONS, MIGRANTE CONTROLS OR WE'LL QUIT EU, 400,000 MIGRANTS MISSING IN BRITAIN, 70% SAY WE MUST BAN NEW MIGRANTS, FURY OVER BRITAIN'S 2M ILLEGAL MIGRANTS, MIGRANT NUMBERS 'OUT OF CONTROL', MIGRANT BENEFITS BUILT MY HOUSE, MIGRANTS: AT LAST PM ACTS, YOU BRITONS ARE JUST TOO LAZY!, TEACHERS BATTLE TO COPE WITH INFLUX OF MIGRANTS, BLUNKETT: MIGRANTS REALLY ARE SWAMPING PARTS OF UK, 1M MIGRANTS TO FLOOD BRITAIN, MIGRANTS MOVE INTO TOP HOTEL, CALAIS 'IS BESIEGED' BY GANGS OF MIGRANTS, THERE ARE TOO MANY MIGRANTS, BRITISH JOBS FOR MIGRANT WORKERS, IMMIGRATION: WHAT A MESS!, IS THERE NO ONE LEFT IN BRITAIN WHO CAN MAKE A SANDWICH?, BACK DOOR BRITAIN, ANGER AS NHS HIRES FOREIGN NURSES, MIGRANT CHAOS ALL SUMMER, MIGRANT RUNS 30 MILES THROUGH CHUNNEL, This is how the BBC is spending your money, SONGS OF PRAISE FILMED IN MIGRANT A CAMP, NEW WAR ON MIGRANT MAYHEM, EIGHT MILLION MIGRANTS NOW LIVE IN BRITAIN, NEW SURGE IN ASYLUM SEEKERS, BRITAIN 'TO QUIT' EU OVER MIGRANTS, 1 MILLION MIGRANTS POUR INTO THE EU, MIGRANTS CAMP AT OUR 7/7 MEMORIAL, 8,000 MIGRANTS CAUGHT IN 3 WEEKS, 1-IN-4 BABIES BORN TO MIGRANTS, ASYLUM SEEKERS COST YOU £786M, MIGRANTS MILKING BRITAIN'S BENEFITS, 311 LANGUAGES SPOKEN IN OUR SCHOOLS, SEND IN ARMY TO HALT MIGRANT INVASION, CRISIS IN CALAIS: 'IT'S A WAR ZONE', French migrant crisis is causing chaos to Britain's food supply, WE CAN'T CUT MIGRANT BENEFITS, MIGRANTS THREATEN TO KILL TRUCKERS, MIGRANT INVASION OUT OF CONTROL, NEW WAVE OF MIGRANTS TO FLOOD BRITAIN, ASYLUM: NEW CRISIS ON WAY, WE CAN'T STOP MIGRANT CHAOS, NEW MIGRANT FLOOD ON WAY, MIGRANT CUT WILL MAKE US PROSPER, OUTRAGE OVER FRENCH PLOT TO MOVE MIGRANT CAMPS TO KENT, BRITAIN SAYS 'NO' TO BOAT MIGRANTS, MIGRANT NUMBERS 'OUT OF CONTROL', EU VOTE BAN ON MIGRANTS, ILLEGAL MIGRANTS FLOOD EU, MIGRANTS MUST SPEAK ENGLISH, SECRET PLOT TO KICK OUT MIGRANTS, MIGRANT CRISIS COSTS US £100,000 PER DAY, CHILDREN TOLD TO COOK AND CLEAN FOR MIGRANTS, WE WON'T TAKE MORE REFUGEES INSISTS CAMERON, NEW MIGRANT CHAOS IN CALAIS, UK POPULATION TO SOAR BY 21M, EU BLAMED FOR MIGRANT CHAOS, EU MELTDOWN OVER MIGRANTS, 558,000 MIGRANTS CAME HERE LAST YEAR, ECONOMIC MIGRANTS MUST BE SENT BACK, SCHOOLS MIGRANT CRISIS, SHOW PASSPORT TO USE THE NHS, MIGRANT ON WAY TO UK KILLS GIRL 9, IN CALAIS, VOTERS TELLS CAMERON TO ACT ON MIGRATION, MILIBAND WILL BRING BACK UNCONTROLLED MIGRATION, 7 IN 10 CALAIS MIGRANTS GET INTO UK, MIGRANT WALKS THROUGH CHUNNEL, FOREIGNERS CHARGE NHS FOR CARE IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY, THE GREAT HEALTH TOURIST COVER-UP, WHAT A FRENCH FARCE! As May bids to deter migrants massing at Calais, France tries to sabotage crackdown by laying on extra beds for hundreds more, MIGRANTS: HOW MANY MORE CAN WE TAKE?, OSBORNE "BANKS ON MIGRATION TO BOOST ECONOMY', MIGRANT RAN PEOPLE SMUGGLING RING FROM UK HOSTEL, MIGRANTS: A CYNICAL COVER-UP, 100,000 ILLEGALS STOPPED AT THE UK BORDER, AT LAST! A CRACKDOWN ON FOREIGN PATIENTS ABUSING NHS, JUST ONE MIGRANT A WEEK SENT BACK TO CALAIS, MARCH OF THE MIGRANT VOTER, PRISONERS OF THE CALAIS MOB, CALAIS: SEND IN THE ARMY, THE SWARM' ON OUR STREETS, 350 CALAIS STOWAWAYS TURFED OFF LORRIES IN FOUR HOURS, 1.5M MIGRANTS BARRED FROM VOTING ON EU, NEW EU MIGRANT BLOW TO CAMERON, MIGRATION CRISIS 'COULD PUSH UK OUT OF EUROPE', MIGRANTS: WOMAN WITH GUTS TO TELL THE TRUTH, ASYLUM SEEKERS FERRIED AROUND IN STRETCH LIMO, PRIVATE JETS TO DEPORT ASYLUM SEEKERS, EU DEAL RISKS NEW WAVE OF MIGRANTS, UK POPULATION SET TO ROCKET, EUROPE SLAMS MIGRANT DOOR, 4 OUT OF 5 MIGRANTS AREN'T SYRIANS, CALAIS CRISIS: SEND IN THE DOGS, 2,200 MIGRANTS STORM CHANNEL TUNNEL, WE'RE PAYING BENEFITS TO DEPORTED CRIMINALS, 30.000 FOREIGN NHS NURSES TO BE KICKED OUT OF BRITAIN, CAMERON'S GREAT IMMIGRATION CON EXPOSED, CHUNNEL CRISIS: SEND IN THE ARMY , CARNAGE IN CALAIS, PARIS KILLER WAS SAVED FROM SINKING MIGRANT BOAT, Migrants crisis out of control, HUNDREDS FEARED DEAD AS MIGRANT VESSEL CAPSIZES, Marauding migrants' threaten our standard of living, says Hammond, Migrant crisis: UK officers in Calais mission, Calais migrant issues push Kent into crisis, 298000 This is the number no fuelling UK growth. But you won't hear the story from policians. That''s because it's the M word. Migrants, The shocking, cruel reality of Europe's refugee crisis, Cameron: we won't join in EU refugee rescue plan, Deal to give homes to 120,000 refugees opens new rifts in EU, Immigrant crackdown in tatters, Migrant deal to clear calais, Migration to UK hits record high, Tories fear migrant voting power, The battle to secure Calais, Migrants who beat children 'need special treatment', Curbs on migrants to fuel nursing shortage, Cameron's migrant crackdown, May whips up storm on immigration, Cameron's U-turnon refugees, PM 'MUST GET GRIP ON MIGRANT CRISIS, KICK OUT THE BOGUS REFUGEES SAYS HOME SECRETARY, MIGRANT CRISIS: 13-HOUR EUROSTAR ORDEAL, 700 feared dead in worst migrant ship sinking yet, Minister: African migrants a threat to our way of life, 2,000 migrants storm Chunnel, FRENCH: WELL LET MIGRANTS INTO UKI, MIGRANTS RUIN BIG HOLIDAY GETAWAY, UK TROOPS TO SMASH MIGRANT TRADE, EU pays jobless migrants to come to Britain, Migrants find the open door to Britain, 8 million foreigners living in Britain, Migrants to account for half of new homes, Army ready to act over Calais crisis, Illegal migrants' pay to be seized, Migrants bared from vote on Europe, Migration 'harming society', Refugees will freeze to death, warn EU leaders, Plight of migrant children stirs Europe's conscience, Britain to take more refugees, EU wants 'green cards' for migrants, EU bills Britain for migrant crisis, Hard line on immigration could cost Tories election, New migrant rules "to cost NHS thousands of nurses', Refugee chaos in Calais after strikers shut down Tunnel, Act now to overhaul Britain's "shocking detention of migrants, Cameron's song for Europe: stop these migrant benefits, Refugees welcome*, FREE HOTEL, ROOMS FOR THE CALAIS STOWAWAYS, CHARLES TO UK MUSLIMS: ABIDE BY OUR VALUES, Living wage will lead to new boom in migrants, claim Euro sceptics, Cameron needs quick EU migrant deal - Burnham, TRAIN SQUATTING Illegals swarm into Britain on empty Channel freight wagons, IN. OUT.. SHAKING ALL ABOUT  PM's EU wobble over migrant benefit ban, Green & pleasant crammed, ONE-OUI TICKETS TO CALAIS, ILLEGALS HAVE LANDED, Migrant invasion is 'killing the EU', Migrant flood 'to alter us forever', COWARDS Leadership rivals won't back raids on IS to end migrants crisis, 1M MIGRANTS HEADING THIS WAY, Madness': the secret EU deal for migrants, May demands ban on jobless EU migrants, PM 'caves in' on migrant benefits ban, Massacre triggers hunt for Isis killers among Syrian migrants, Rogue firms targeted in crackdown on migrants, EU buckles as Merkel's migrants hit 1 million, Cameron backtracks on migrant benefit cap, Cameron in cabinet battle over migrants, Thousands of migrants storm Calais terminal, Army prepares to tackle 'critical' migrant crisis, Migrant surge as job curb ends, May defies cabinet over 100,000 cap on migrants, Too many babies born to migrants -minister, Brussels forces Britain to accept Med migrants, May gets tough over fate of Med migrants, Almost half of migrants from EU are on benefits, Borders in crisis after migrant talks fail, Secret plan to deport thousands of migrants, Millions of migrants in new flight to Europe, Germany turns on Britain over migrants, MIGRANT MOTHERS COST NHS £1.3BN, ILLEGAL MIGRANTS FLOODING INTO EU, Britain 'has too many migrants' , EU'S MIGRANT CRISIS 'IS COLOSSAL', NO U-TURN ON BORDER CONTROLS, BRITAIN'S ASYLUM SEEKER MADNESS, 2.2 MILLION EU MIGRANTS WORK IN BRITAIN, SEND IN ARMY TO STOP MIGRANT VIOLENCE, EU BOSS SPARKS BORDER OUTRAGE, MIGRANT CAMP READY TO ERUPT, MIGRATION STILL OUT OF CONTROL, BRITAIN FACES 'MIGRANT DISASTER', WHY WE MUST LEAVE THE EU record surge in migrants, NEW ASYLUM SURGE ON WAY, WE WILL HALT EU MIGRANTS, MIGRANT COVER-UP SCANDAL, FARAGE: EU'S BORDERS ARE TERROR RISK, CAMERON'S EU DEAL IS A JOKE No control over our borders Migrants will still get benefits, WE CANT STOP NEW MIGRANT SURGE, 2M EU MIGRANTS GRAB OUR JOBS, MIGRANTS KEEP ON POURING INTO EU, FRENCH TO LET MIGRANTS HEAD FOR BRITAIN, MIGRANT CRISIS WILL KILL OFF EU, NEW JOBLESS MIGRANTS BENEFIT SCANDAL, BRITAIN FACES NEW MIGRANT CRISIS, CHUNNEL RUNNER IS GIVEN ASYLUM, TV'S NOEL SPARKS MIGRATION ROW, NO END TO MIGRANT CRISIS, MIGRANT HOMES WILL GO TO FLOOD VICTIMS, MIGRANT CRISIS WILL KILL OFF EU, MIGRANT CRISIS GETTING WORSE, MAY WILL STOP MIGRANT CRISIS, MIGRANT CRISIS: SORT IT OUT NOW, NEW MIGRANT SURGE ON WAY, MIGRANTS PAY JUST TO INVADE BRITAIN, THERE WILL BE BODIES ON OUR BEACHES, COVER-UP' OVER MIGRANTS SNEAKING INTO UK, MIGRANT SEIZED EVERY 6 MINUTES, MIGRANT CRISIS WILL COST £20BN, PROOF WE CAN'T STOP MIGRANTS, MIGRANTS TOLD: KEEP OUT OF EU, ASYLUM CLAIMS HIT NEW HIGH, NOW EU WANTS ASYLUM CONTROL, KICK OUT FOREIGN CROOKS, WE CAN'T STOP MIGRANTS, YOU PAY FOR ROMA GYPSY PALACES, EU OPENS DOOR TOR 79 FROM TURKEY, BRITAIN FACES MIGRANT CHAOS, MIGRANTS WILL PAY MORE FOR NHS, BRITAIN'S 1.5 MILLION HIDDEN MIGRANTS, SOARING COST OF TEACHING MIGRANT CHILDREN, MIGRANTS COST BRITAIN £17BN A YEAR, MIGRANT WORKER NUMBERS SURGE, EU THREAT TO FAMILY LIFE, EU MIGRANT NUMBERS SOAR YET AGAIN, MIGRANT CRISIS IN THE CHANNEL, WHAT A SCANDAL Outrage as migrant family on benefits moves into a £425,000 luxury house, BRITAIN'S WIDE OPEN TO MIGRANTS, The Conservatives' common-sense revolution A UK BORDER THAT WORKS!, CALAIS DEATH HORROR Migrant dies as Briton flees gang, FURY AT SOFT CHECKS' ON CHILD MIGRANTS, MIGRANT MADNESS 3 illegals an hour caught trying to get into Britain, NEW MIGRANT SHAMBLES IN CALAIS, I'LL BULLDOZE MIGRANT CAMP, NEW MIGRANT RUSH TO BRITAIN, MIGRANTS SMUGGLED TO UK FOR JUST £100, OSBORNE'S 3M MIGRANT BOMBSHELL, LE STITCH-UP Fury at French call for asylum centre in Calais to help migrants win right to settle in Britain, MIGRANT NUMBERS HIT NEW RECORDS, Another 70,000 flee Syria carnage and mass on Turkish border... just one step away from Europe EXODUS, 3M UK WORKERS ARE NOW FOREIGN, 1M MORE MIGRANTS ARE ON THEIR WAY, HOW BLAIR CYNICALLY LET IN 2M MIGRANTS, MIGRANT'S CHUNNEL STROLL TO ASYLUM IN BRITAIN, BRITAIN'S BROKEN BORDERS, PM: WHY WE MUST NOT TAKE 3.000 MIGRANT CHILDREN, MIGRANTS: JUDGE WHO DARED TO TELL TRUTH, HEALTH TOURISTS JUMP NHS QUEUE, WE'LL SEND EU MIGRANT 'SURGE' BACK, TURKEY: FEAR OF MIGRANT SURGE, IMMIGRATION REVOLUTION!, EU KILLERS AND RAPISTS WE'VE FAILED TO DEPORT, WHAT A WAY TO TACKLE MIGRANT CRISIS!, The Albanian double killer who's lived freely in open borders UK for 18 years, FURY OVER PLUS PLOT TO LET 1.5M TURKS INTO BRITAIN, BREXIT POLL BOOST AS MIGRATION FEARS GROW, WERE FROM EUROPE LET US IN!, PM'S TV MAULING OVER MIGRATION, CAMERON'S MIGRATION DECEPTION, EUROPE STARTS TO CRACK ON MIGRANTS, SURRENDER ON ILLEGAL MIGRANTS, ARCHBISHOP: IT ISN'T RACIST TO FEAR MIGRATION, TELL US TRUE NUMBER OF EU MIGRANTS, CRUSHING VERDICT ON OPEN-DOOR MIGRATION, A lorry's stopped by Kent police and 26 migrants pour out. More proof (if it was needed) we've lost control of our borders, NHS SIGNS UP MORE FOREIGN NURSES, DEADLY COST OF OUR OPEN BORDERS, 1.6 MILLION MIGRANTS FROM THE EU SETTLE IN BRITAIN, After Mail highlights their plight, PM pledges sanctuary for child refugees suffering alone in European camps VICTORY FOR COMPASSION, MIGRANT WORKERS BLOW TO CAMERON, MIGRANTS SPARK HOUSING CRISIS, In just 24 hours, 2,600 migrants were picked up en route to Europe. So much for EU claims the crisis is dwindling IS THIS WHY PM'S DODGING TV DEBATES?, ENGLAND'S POPULATION TO RISE BY 4 MILLION IN EIGHT YEARS, RECORD NUMBER OF JOBLESS EU MIGRANTS IN BRITAIN, BRITAIN'S WIDE OPEN BORDERS, UK'S OPEN COASTLINE SHAMBLES: 4 MISSED WARNINGS, SHOW YOUR PASSPORT IF YOU WANT HOSPITAL TREATMENT, THE 'CHILD REFUGEES' DEBATE, GIVE 'CHID MIGRANTS' AGE TESTS SAYS STRAW, CALAIS CLEAROUT IN CHAOS, YOU PAY £36m FOR CALAIS CLEAROUT, A SICK JOKE! NHS moans about lack of funds ... but FAILS to collect hundreds of millions from health tourists, NO JOB? YOU CAN'T MOVE TO BRITAIN, BRITAIN TO BUILD GREAT WALL OF CALAIS, AT LAST! A BISHOP WHO TALKS SENSE ON MIGRANTS, Europe's migrant rape crisis, MIGRANTS TRY TO KILL BRIT TRUCKERS, Lily Allen apologises to migrants on behalf of UK sobbing Luvvie visits Jungle, FIRST CALAIS 'KIDS' ARRIVE IN UK, LINEKER BRANDS BRITS RACIST IN MIGRANT ROW, "find an immigrant to drive you... you stupid tart" what cabbie told luvvie lily , EXPOSED! The child migrant who is 22, Shameless french family of 10 demand UK mansion, Brexit means border controls at whatever price, May insists, Britain leaves child refugees alone, afraid and abandoned, The mark of an asylum seeker: wristbands for food handouts, No free trade without open borders, Hollande tells May, Corbyn urged to speak up on immigration, Brexit Tories warned over immigration, Corbyn rules out cutting immigration, Refugee crisis: UK numbers revealed, "Cynical" PM powerless to stop migrants, says Boris, May rejects Boris plan to cut migrant numbers, IMMIGRATION HITS ALL TIME RECORD, CAMERON COMES OUT FIGHTING OVER EU MIGRANTS, THE GREAT MIGRANT CON, GREAT  MIGRANT SWINDLE, EU SEEKS CONTROL OF OUR COASTS, 12M TURKS SAY THEY'LL COME TO UK, Tighten borders against terror, One in three terrorists exploits borders, Open borders let Isil into Britain, warns US spy chief, Revealed: UK border meltdown, Curb on low-skilled EU migrants, Britain will not give way on migrants border deal, New EU offer on migrant benefits, Seal Greek borders to halt flow of migrants, Boris: Learn English if you want to move to Uk, European criminals free to live in Britain, PM demands EU migrant deal, Reveal true migrant numbers, PM is told, Population to rise by 4million, Migration fears boost the Leave campaign, Show your passport to see the doctor, Every EU migrant could stay after Brexit, NHS loses millions to foreigners, Brexit deal will limit migration, May pledges, Farce of child migrant family checks, A licence to abuse immigrants, Fewer migrants "won't mean British wage boost", Hundred returning to 'secret camps' in calais, Child asylum-seekers deported back to Iraq, EU rule change puts pressure on UK to take more refugees, May refuses to rule out deporting EU migrants, Refugees caught in middle as EU haggles, U-turn on foreign workers 'shows Tories have no plan for Brexit', Revealed: hundreds wrongly locked up under immigration powers, Stick to Brexit script on immigration, Davis told, Youngest child refugee to die in quest to reach UK, CARNAGE IN CALAIS, ANARCHISTS FLY MIGRANT IN ON RYANAIR, Britain poised to open door to 'thousands of migrant children', Let 3m more in uk, Migrant mr big, Tide of refugees' filling Europe UK to take more in rule change we're stuffed, CHECKPOINT CHARLIES Euro judges 'open floodgates to illegals', Let us in before you vote out Illegals storm ferry port to UK, NATIONAL HANDOUT SERVICE £181k bill for ONE illegal migrant, MAYDAY 05 dead. 33 missing  after boat capsizes Navy pluck 6,000 from med in 48hrs, AS ANOTHER 330,000 MIGRANTS PROVE WE CANNOT CONTROL OUR OWN. BORDERS, CAMERON RESPONDS: la la la, Shameful French police idly look on as rafts head to UK Hours later, 31 migrants die one a little girl, MIGRANT 'CHILDREN' LOOK 40, TELL US THE TOOTH MPs: Prove asylum kids age with dental test, Calls for BBC to fire Lineker as he peddles migrant lies OUT ON HIS EARS, BORN IN CALAIS JUNGLE, SMUGGLED IN A LORRY, SAVED AT WATFORD GAP ...A 20-DAY-OLD BABY Britain's tiniest migrant, Migration Crisis deepens, Migration pressure on schools revealed, Cameron 'too rich' to care about migration, Queuing for britain, Navy called in to patrol Channel for migrants, Border chaos threatens deal to deport migrants, Illegal migrants smuggled into Britain aboard inflatable boats, Poles are now Britain's biggest migrant group, Cabinet rift as Cameron softens deal on migrants, Turkey threatens Europe with millions of migrants, EU migrant workers top 2m in blow to Cameron, Let Calais migrants into UK, says Corbyn, Cameron sends Navy to stop migrant smugglers, Ministers hide report on migrant numbers, Hammond clashes with Brexiteers on migrants, Calais erupts in violence as migrant camp closed, Britain takes hundreds more child migrants, "Lily-livered" May denies going soft on migrants, SHANTY TOWN FURY Rich builder keeps 120 migrants in back garden, CALL FOR NEW MIGRANT FREEZE, 1 IN 9 WORKERS ARE MIGRANTS, CRACKDOWN ON FOREIGN CROOKS, MIGRANT WORKER MADNESS, 2.37 MILLION EU MIGRANTS WORK IN BRITAIN, MIGRATION SLOWS AFTER EU EXIT VOTE But breaking from Brussels is onlyway to fully control our borders, MIGRANT SCANDAL 200 illegals a day caught sneaking into Britain, and that's in just one month!, ANOTHER 431.000 MIGRANTSI WORKING IN BRITAIN, TOUGH NEW EU MIGRANT RULES, 1M MIGRANTS TO RUSH IN BEFORE EU EXIT, EU IN CRISIS OVER BOAT MIGRANTS, BRITAIN'S WIDE OPEN TO ILLEGAL MIGRANTS, If we don't cut all ties with the EU... 1.2M MORE MIGRANTS WILL HEAD TO BRITAIN, ABSOLUTE MADNESS Illegal migrant who burst into a church wanting to kill the English walks free from court and isn't even deported, CORBYN'S PLOT TO BRING IN MIGRANT WORKERS, MIGRANT NUMBERS ROCKET, SHOCKING SCALE OF MIGRANT PROBLEM One caught every 10 minutes sneaking into UK, EU FACING NEW MIGRANT CHAOS, NEW MIGRANT CRISIS ON WAY, MAY VOWS TO SLASH MIGRATION, MIGRANT SUMMER CHAOS Thousands are trying to sneak into Britain, £1M A DAY SPENT ON ASYLUM SEEKERS, 56,000 MIGRANTS ON RUN IN BRITAIN, WE CAN'T KICK OUT £M ILLEGAL Migrants, MIGRANTS SEND OUR POPULATION SOARING, TOUGH PLAN TO SLASH MIGRANT NUMBERS, 30,000 ILLEGAL BIDS TO GET TO UK FROM CALAIS THIS YEAR, HEALTH TOURISM "CHAOS' DRAINING THE NHS, HEALTH TOURIST'S £350,000 BILL-AND YOU PAID!, Mail exposes shocking security flaws that allow ANYONE to get to UK on Eurostar without passport TERRORISTS FAST TRAIN TO BRITAIN, MAY: EU MIGRANTS CAN STAY IN UK, LABOUR'S PLAN TO OPEN DOORS TO BRITAIN EVEN WIDER, OVER 1M ILLEGALS ARE IN BRITAIN, BREXIT PLAN TO END MASS MIGRATION FROM EU, Migrants' hell on Costa beaches, Most refugees sent to poorest parts of the UK, PM accused of closing door on child refugees, Revealed: Tories' Brexit plan to deter EU migrants from Britain, Labour plans regional curb on migrants, CHINESE FLOCK TO LONDON IN BREXIT BONANZA, MIGRATION: THE QUESTION TORIES WON'T ANSWER, Migrants quit UK after Brexit vote, Migration figures 'far lower than thought', Curb on migrants to start in weeks, Corbyn's migration policy in disarray, Foreign criminals will stay post Brexit, Freedom of movement to continue after Brexit, Three million EU migrants to get right to stay, UK will regain power to deport, Labour's secret plan to increase migration, Brexit plan to curb EU migrants, May's own MPs revolt over immigration, Thousands of migrants denied NHS treatment, May's anti-immigration spin "fuels hate crime', PM's migration rules 'harming top universities', May's immigration target 'fulling toxic attitudes', Free movement pledge will 'damage' Labour, Thousands of EU citizens held by UK immigration, Top Tory group tells May to ditch immigration cap, Jobless 'could double' if May cuts immigration, May gets ready to slam door on EU migrants, Deportations of EU citizens soar, THE UK BORDER FARCE, I found migrant in the boot of my Nissan, Benefits for migrants face the axe, EU migrants keep benefits after Brexit, Blair gets tough on migrants 13 years after opening doors, May forced to weaken key target on migrants, EU migrants can come to live in Britain after Brexit, Europe under threat, EU's failure over illegal migrants fuels crisis, Britain will stay open to EU migrants, Davis admits, Royal Navy mission fails to curb flow of migrants, HEALTH TOURISM SCANDAL Foreign mums in £16m NHS rip-off, SCANDAL OF NHS HEALTH TOURISM Britain gets stung over EU care costs, Brexit will give us back our borders, AT LAST! MAY GETS TOUGH ON Migrants, EXODUS OF THE EU MIGRANTS, Stop this brexit border madness, EU deal will give us back our borders, Windrush outrage fiasco that shames britain, WINDRUSH: THE NEW BETRAYAL, CHANNEL MIGRANTS: NOW IT'S A CRISIS, 38MILLION EU MIGRANTS ALLOWED TO STAY HERE, Shocking trade in stolen UK passports, Labour's free for all on migrants, More Romanians here than Irish Over half the people in five London boroughs are foreign born England population to hit 60million in a decade... SO MUCH FOR THE BREXODUS!, URGENT CHECKS ON 3,000 FOREIGN DOCTORS, MIGRATION REVOLUTION, BANNED FROM BRITAIN AT AGE OF 81, MAYDAY Mounting pressure on PM to resign over Windrush MAYDAY, MAY: IM SORRY FOR WINDRUSH FIASCO, SCRAP THE CAP ON FOREIGN DOCTORS, Rudd tells MPs: We were wrong over Windrush citizens, Chaos as PM fails to get grip on Windrush, Leak reveals Rudd' deportations boast, Government knew of risk to Windrush generation, Leak shows Rudd was told about targets for removing migrants, Asylum seekers spend decades awaiting Home Office decision, May will be 'forced to back down' over migrant curbs, Campaigners call for action over disgraceful' immigration fees, New deportation scandal hits Home Office, Flawed system failing to protect vulnerable migrant detainees, NEW YEAR AND NEW REVOLT OVER MAY'S MIGRANT STRATEGY, 12M TURKS SAY THEY'LL COME TO UK, Windrush migrants granted apology, Boris called for illegal immigrant amnesty, Send back channel migrants or risk tragedy, Javid rejects navy patrols as migrant crisis grows, Javid: no easy answer to migrant crossing, Illegal migrants' accounts to be frozen, £44m to keep border at Calais, Visa cap on foreign doctors to be lifted, Doors open to thousands more skilled migrants, Forces open door to foreigners who have never lived in Britain, May to curb migration as brexit vote looms, Hostile environment for migrants 'causes health risk for everyone', Slump in asylum seekers given refuge in Britain, May's immigration cap left out of Brexit plan, Children of immigrants "treated like cash cows', Britons want to scrap May's migration target, Border farce could bring Brexit 'crashing down', New migrant clampdown will be 'next windrush', Immigrants exploited by rogue solicitors, Criminals would 'exploit borders' in no-deal Brexit, SEIZE THE MIGRANT BOATS IN CALAIS, Javid told "get a grip' on migrant chaos, javid abandons safari to tackle migrant crisis, cross-channel migrants target 'soft touch' britain, Javid's deal on migrants is too weak, say tories, Key migrant scheme may not be ready before Brexit, Javid angers Brexiteers with 'cop out' on migrants, Border boats called in over channel migrants, Javid asks: are channel migrants genuine, Home Secretary's U-turn as he orders two ships back from Med to police Channel ++ They will bring rescued migrants to UK ++ 12 more including child, 10, land in Kent ++ France accused of 'pitiful' response ALL AT SEA!, CRACKDOWN ON FOREIGN CRIMINALS WHO SNEAK BACK TO UK, Cap on migrants ditched by tories, Home Office under fire for sending asylum seekers back to Zimbabwe, PM scraps migrant cap to lure top scientists, Johnson backs migrant amnesty for 500,000 people in the UK without papers, CABINET ROW OVER WARSHIP TO PATROL CHANNEL, RACISTS HUNT MIGRANTS ON OUR BEACHES, Johnson demands fresh border plan, javid backs down and sends in more boats, javid calls on navy to save lives in channel, boris vows to restore faith in uk borders, Shackles and belts used on hundreds of deportees, The child refugees sent back into danger by UK, Ex-ministers call for limit on immigrant detentions, Free movement will end 'on day one of Brexit', Sevenfold rise in Britons stripped of citizenship, javid condemned over "hostile' migrant claims, Immigration services outsourced 'on the cheap', Johnson ditches Tories' target on net migration, The refugee gap, Ministers responsible for 'risking migrant lives', Crossing is dangerous but so was staying', Home Office 'ignoring offers to give homes to child refugees', Revealed: how Home Office hires out staff to hunt migrants, Migrant deaths: britain faces axe from elite EU policing unit, I've smuggled 300 migrants into UK, Tories unveil strict limits on unskilled migrants, BORIS'S BORDER BLUEPRINT IMMIGRATION REVOLUTION, Home Secretary vows to cut migrant numbers UNVEILED: 'HISTORIC' new border controls, PRITI: BORDER LAWS GIVE us 'power over destiny', PRITI: SEND IN NAVY TO TACKLE MIGRANT CRISIS, As a young migrant drowns trying to reach Britain... NOW WILL WE WAKE UP TO THIS TRAGEDY?, Migration crackdown to bar EU criminals, Fears for UK economy as Johnson closes border to unskilled workers, UK closes the door to "low-skilled' migrant workers, LONDON GROWTH 'HIT' IN MIGRANT SHAKE-UP, DEATH IN THE CHANNEL HE DIDN'T STAND A CHANCE, BRITAIN TAKES BACK BORDER CONTROL, Thousands of refugees denied sanctuary in UK, PRITI IN RACIST FRENCH STORM, France ask for £30m to police channel, push back' on migrants, Britain opens its doors to 3m hong kong migrants, WHEN WILL EU END THIS MISERY?, big-hearted' britain to take in 20,000 refugees, Migrant crisis: patel pays french £54m to do their job, bomber abused 'broken' asylum system, priti's fury at EU over migrant crisis, IT'S A 'NATIONAL EMERGENCY' ANGER AT MIGRANT CRISIS, PM: SMUGGLERS GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER, UK troops to patrol french beaches, migrants will be turned back to france, ILLEGAL MIGRANTS' VACCINE AMNESTY, Now priti channels £54 million to france, WHAT A BORDER FARCE!, PRITI: ASYLUM SEEKERS TO BE SENT OVERSEAS, PRITI: OUR ASYLUM MERRY-GO-ROUND (so when WILL she get a grip?), MACRON'S "NON° TO UK BOOTS ON FRENCH BEACHES, A human tragedy, The DIY death boats, tragedy in the channel, GUNBOAT DIPLOMACY, Why didn't france stop them, "we just want to live like you", Patel calls on Europe to help take in refugees, UK: French have surrendered to traffickers, Patel plans greek-style clampdown on migrants, 31 migrants die in Channel disaster, Migrant boats crossing Channel double in a year, MIGRANTS: PRITI PINS BLAME ON FACEBOOK AND TIKTOK, NOW WILL LEADERS FINALLY ACT? SHAMEFUL, Migrant crisis puts tories in peril, UK to admit 20,000 Afghans, Migrant crossings into Britain hit new record, Latest wave of Channel migrants to hit 22.000, Patel plans for migrants to be held in offshore hub, French allow nearly 2,000 migrants to cross in week, Halt migrants, France told, Migrants to be held in Albania, Patel blames EU for mass migration in channel, pm demands migrant fix, pm wants joint patrols in france, Migration snub will cost lives, French told, We won't do a deal with UK over migrants, insists France, Stop more migrants or pay the price, France warned, Macron blames 'hypocritical' Britain for migrant drownings, As Putin's forces break ceasefire to shell civilians again, and 15m refugees flee the horror... our government issues just 50 visas. We must do more to Save them, Uk urged to help refugees, Patel opens asylum route but will not waive visas over safety fears, Visa deal to lure India relaxed immigration rules could allow thousands to move from subcontinent, PM calls in military to stem flow of migrants, Plan will resettle asylum seekers in Rwanda


Dehumanising Headlines

Part of Canto

Shown here are over 800 front-page headlines collected from British newspapers over the ten years from Theresa May's 'Hostile Environment' in 2012 through to 2022. These headlines show the language and stories used to other and dehumanise Europeans living and working in the UK as well as refugees, asylum seekers and anyone else deemed not worthy of being part of UK society.