Canto Publication

Canto explores the East Kent border of the UK, the closest coastline to mainland Europe. Utilising photography and text, this body of work combines the visual exploration of the physical border landscape with the language used to describe the complex issues of migration and people forced to flee and seek refuge in the 21st Century.

Presented in a broadsheet newspaper format this publication also features a pull out text work featuring over 800 newspaper headlines examining the language used by the media to report on issues of migration.

Limited to a numbered print run of 100.

Publisher: Self Published, 2023
Editor: Tomasz Laczny
Research Support: Nicola Barratt
Format: Broadsheet Newspaper with additional insert
Size: 35 x 50 cm, 28 pages
Edition: 100 numbered copies
Price: £17.50

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Selected as one of Lensculture's Favourite Photobooks 2023

"Canto explores the pressing migration ‘crisis’ within the East Kent border of the UK and takes a deep dive into the realities of the landscape showing years of neglect and deprivation. Stuart successfully captures the destitute environment through his eerie black and white images and cleverly alludes to the aftermath that Brexit has had on not only this small region, but the whole nation at large.

Canto forces us to face the politics at play when it comes to issues surrounding migration and how spaces and places can be used as a ploy to either draw attention to or distract from what the real issue is."

— Anne Nwakalor, Founding Editor | No! Wahala Magazine